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RANGE. Available center of 5 types, about 150 names and models, more than 2500 units of transport. A water transport (yachts, boats, ships, hydrocycles), Cars (sportcars, family cars, sedans and hatchbacks, SUVs, minibuses, pickups), Motorcycles (sports, classical, touring, choppers, enduro, mini bikes, ATVs), Scooters (mini and maxi scooters), Bicycles (for adult, teenage, children), and also opportunity to sweep on Elephants and Horses!
LOW PRICES. We work without margins and the additional commissions, therefore the prices of our transport one of the lowest at Phuket. You can find transport in our catalogue to yourself to taste and financial opportunities, from the cheapest to the elite. The prices in our catalog are specified counting on a low season, and can differ from the prices during high and peak seasons. To specify the cost and existence of the chosen transport — it is possible at our consultant, or having contacted us in any way from the section CONTACTS.
IN TOUCH 24/7. We in touch round the clock. You can call or write to us at any time, we work without lunch and days off. Our managers will answer any questions, will issue the order, will consult and will help to solve the arisen problems. Our salons are open from 9 am till 6 pm for receiving, a transfer, delivery and return of transport. For the fastest communication with us use phone for the hot line specified from above in a topic.
BOOKING. You can reserve in advance chosen transport which 100% will be surely postponed and provided to you during the specified time period. Transport will be guaranteed submitted to you within the specified term, despite flow of tourists during high and peak seasons. Booking condition: the monetary deposit (the size of the deposit depends on the chosen transport model). The deposit is included in a total cost of hire of your transport, that is a partial advance payment for the rent / hire period.
PAYMENT. We work honestly. Payment of 100% is made when receiving transport by you, receive of keys to your hands. The price stipulated by drawing up the contract – final also doesn’t change during hire, we don’t take any additional commissions. In case of extension of the contract of hire – payment reaches in day of the termination of the first contract or earlier, in case of delay – the payment is brought on total of overdue days on the tariff specified in the contract.
DISCOUNTS. Learn how to receive transport for the ridiculous price! In our center of rent / hire the flexible system of discounts works. The more long rent / hire term – the cheaper manages every day. The discount can make to 70% of the initial amount and makes a reservation at the conclusion of the contract of hire. For regular customers there are special offers and discounts. How to receive a discount? Order transport for a period of 3 days and more long – and receive a bonus. Detailed information at our online consultant.
DELIVERY. We will deliver directly to your house or hotel. Your transport will be delivered in any point of Phuket, at any time convenient for you. For this purpose you have to tell us your exact address / name of hotel or a housing estate/coordinate on the map. And also time in which transport has to be delivered to you. Delivery cost contractual, depends on the area of your accommodation. To order delivery and to receive particulars — contact our phone manager or write us the letter.

DEPOSIT. For safety of transport, at hire of some means of transport — the monetary deposit with the copy of the passport has to be brought, or documents (the international passport) are left as a deposit. The deposit sum for each model of transport different, it can be specified, having contacted us in any way specified in the section CONTACTS or at registration of the order. The deposit, at observance of terms of the contract of hire, comes back 100% in a full size at return of transport to salon.
RETURN. Return of transport is made upon termination of the term of rent / hire by you in salon (free of charge), or we can take away transport directly from your house / hotel (for a fee) if for any reasons you don’t want / you can’t bring transport to salon. Service cost contractual, depends on the area of your accommodation. To order return and to receive particulars – you call us. At return of transport before expiration date of the contract – the money paid for hire doesn’t come back!
DOCUMENTS. For rent / hire of transport we don’t demand existence of special documents, driving license and other licenses. Only the international passport (copy) and money for rent is necessary. The copy of the passport can be made free of charge at us in salon. Responsibility for the penalties and violations received when using transport – is assigned to the driver of 100%. On cars the free insurance, but only in the presence of the Thai / international driver’s license is provided.
TRAINING. For beginners and inexperienced riders – short free 15-minute instructing in features of riding on Thai roads is carried out. For the people who aren’t able to go in general – the training lessons at our Motoschool can be conducted. Riding lessons of a bike, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle. The express training in 1-2 days. Lessons paid, detailed information on the express to training – in the section MOTOSCHOOL.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT. All our transport is in an excellent state, and had obligatory technical inspection. Available there is a new and second-hand transport. With defects and technical problems found during hire term – address to us and transport will be repaired, or replaced on similar without surcharge. The physical injuries of transport received through your fault – it is removable for a fee. Anyway we will give help and we will fix problems. Just contact us!
INSURANCE. All our cars and yachts have an insurance of 1 class (a detail at the manager). Motorcycles, scooters and bicycles of an insurance have no – that is the client bears full responsibility for transport, whether it be stealing / damage to result road accident / negligence of the client. Insurance companies of Thailand refuse to insure the 2 wheel-transport intended for hire. In case of damage of transport we take a payment from the client only for the direct caused loss or we suggest to eliminate breakage independently.
GASOLINE. By default, for convenience and minimization of your expenses – transport is rent / hire with the minimum quantity of gasoline. You care of fuel. According to your desire, transport can be initially provided to you with a full tank of gasoline, gasoline cost in calculation 40 THB for 1 liter. Existence of a full / empty tank — makes a reservation in advance. Return of transport is possible with an empty tank.
PRIVATE DRIVER. Use the service «personal driver». We can provide you the personal driver by motorcycle / car. This is the person with a wide experience of driving, knows the island for sure, will show the main sights, tourist, and not tourist places, the most beautiful views, lagoons, restaurants, clubs. Will prompt where best of all and the cheapest way to have a rest, where what to look, buy, try. The cost of service makes a reservation separately.
ACCESSORIES. At desire you can receive additional accessories in hire: The navigator for the car — 100 THB per day, wide-angle an extreme a video camera (copy of GoPro) — 100 THB per day, a children’s chair for the car or the scooter — 50 THB per day, the Additional hinged luggage carrier for the motorcycle or the scooter — 50 THB per day, special protective equipment for a riding on the motorcycle and the scooter (the price specify).
EQUIPMENT. At lease of the motorcycle, scooter, bicycle in our salons – you absolutely free of charge receive 1-2 helmets in use for the entire period of hire. The price of special protective equipment for an extreme riding on the motorcycle, the scooter, the bicycle (overalls, boots, gloves, kneecaps, elbow pieces, a sports helmet and other protection), makes a reservation separately.

GIFTS. Absolutely free of charge to our regular customers we make pleasant gifts: souvenirs, undershirts, t-shirts, brelka and other knickknacks. We want that your rest was the most pleasant, comfortable and carefree. Besides, to regular customers we allow impressively favorable discounts to 70% that does costs of rent / hire 3 times smaller than the usual! Receive particulars at the manager.
TRANSFER. Our courier will arrive for you to hotel and will bring straight to us to salon, from where you in 10 minutes will go on the transport. It is very convenient and cheap as at you need to remove a taxi vanishes and to look for us on all unfamiliar island. For this purpose it is necessary to call us and to tell the name of hotel or coordinate. The cost of service is 100 THB.